We are your competent partner for network technology.

We provide professional, uncomplicated advice.

Contact one of our customer service representatives directly or use our convenient call-back service.

  • Stefan Grünheid

    Stefan Grünheid Head of Purchasing & Broker Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 116 s.gruenheid@cybertrading.de

    You are broker? Then I'm your partner. If necessary, I make you an offer immediately or give you information about our networking hardware. Please feel free to contact me by phone or mail.

  • Andreas Petzold

    Andreas Petzold Accountmanager Cisco Systems Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 113 a.petzold@cybertrading.de

    I am your contact person for the manufacturer Cisco Systems. You need an offer for network hardware such brand or have questions about your order? Use the contact form or contact me directly below the telephone number or e-mail.

  • Sven Lembke

    Sven Lembke Accountmanager Cisco Systems Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 125 s.lembke@cybertrading.de

    I am also happy to assist you if you have any questions about your order or if you need an offer for Cisco Systems articles.

  • Hans-Jürgen Mattikau

    Hans-Jürgen Mattikau Accountmanager Cisco Systems Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 133 j.mattikau@cybertrading.de

    Contact me if you are interested in network hardware from Cisco. We find an optimal solution for your needs

  • Sebastian Wundrack

    Sebastian Wundrack Accountmanager Juniper | Foundry | APC Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 126 s.wundrack@cybertrading.de

    Are you interested in IT hardware made by Juniper, Foundry or APC? I gladely make you a suitable offer and answer your questions about compatibility or equivalent products. Call me or send your request by mail to the specified mail address.

  • Daniel Richter

    Daniel Richter Accountmanager HP/3Com | H3C Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 135 d.richter@cybertrading.de

    You want to build or expand your network with IT equipment manufacturers HP/3Com or H3C? I support you with it! Leave me a message - using the contact form or call me.

  • Daniel Losch

    Daniel Losch Accountmanager Nortel | Extreme | Enterasys Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 127 d.losch@cybertrading.de

    Whether you want to equip your network with the manufacturer Nortel Networks, Extreme or Enterasys products - I am your reliable partner. For an individual offer or questions about your order, I am always at your disposal.

  • Silke Wiehe

    Silke Wiehe Online Sales Manager Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 117 s.wiehe@cybertrading.de

    If you order network hardware via our online shop it-market.com or via the stores on eBay and Amazon, I'm your contact person. I'm very pleased to your orders and available for the relevant details.

  • Oliver Steffke

    Oliver Steffke Head of Marketing | E-Commerce Tel.: Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 119 o.steffke@cybertrading.de

    I am responsible for marketing and e-commerce as well as for project management in this company. Please feel free to contact me on these issues.

  • Stephanie van Olphen

    Stephanie van Olphen HR Manager & Assistance to CEO Tel.: Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 150 s.vanolphen@cybertrading.de

    Are you interested in a career at Cybertrading GmbH or have questions about our vacancies? Then do not be afraid to contact me. I will be glad to answer your questions and look forward to your call or your message!

  • Katharina Kupferschmidt

    Katharina Kupferschmidt Account Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 114 k.kupferschmidt@cybertrading.de

    There are questions about an invoice or payment? I am happy to help you further. Write me an email to the address above or call me.

  • Mandy Baumbach

    Mandy Baumbach Account Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 134 m.baumbach@cybertrading.de

    As a part of the team of accounting I am also your contact for questions regarding the payments. Do not hesitate to contact me, I'm happy to assist you .

  • Christian Bannier

    Christian Bannier Head of Logistics Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 143 c.bannier@cybertrading.de

    At Cybertrading GmbH, I supervise the entire process of warehouse logistics. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  • Lozhar Zeise

    Lozhar Zeise Head of IT Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 121 l.zeise@cybertrading.de

    As head of the IT department, I am responsible for the entire IT infrastructure at Cybertrading GmbH. If you have any concerns in this area, please feel free to contact me.

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