6 reasons for refurbished network equipment from Cybertrading

The acquisition of new network technology can be necessary for various reasons. For example, defective devices must be replaced or low-performance hardware must be exchanged. New IT technology can be purchased in three different states: "new", "used" or "refurbished".

While most people can imagine what the first two states of equipment are like, the term refurbishment has only become more important in recent years. But what is behind it? If one tries to translate the word, one comes across the terms "refurbishment", "renovation" and "modernization". By definition, Refubishment describes the quality-assured overhaul and repair of used IT hardware. In most cases the equipment comes from companies whose leasing contracts or depreciation have expired. However, it also happens that companies change or renew their hardware after a certain period of time and thus no longer need the used technology.

As a specialist and one of the leading companies in this field, we present 6 reasons why you should choose remanufactured products from Cybertrading.

1. Money saving

Reconditioned hardware is much cheaper to purchase than new network products. Considerable discounts on the manufacturer list price are even possible. We therefore offer you and your company the possibility to design your IT infrastructure efficiently and powerfully without having to do without the use of high-quality branded devices.

2. Protect the environment

Green IT is very important to us. You too can act in the interest of the environment by avoiding the environmentally damaging and cost-intensive disposal of network equipment by specialist companies. At the same time, high-quality resources such as copper, stainless steel, aluminium and rare earths are conserved by reusing the hardware. Furthermore, no harmful gases are released during refurbishment and less waste is produced.

3. Get reliable products

It is often assumed that new network technology offers a longer service life and more security. However, in quality assurance of new equipment, usually only random samples are taken, which means that the risk of failure is much higher than with refurbished hardware. At Cybertrading every product is thoroughly checked and tested by our certified IT technicians before shipping. This way we can ensure that the goods arrive at your premises ready for use. In addition, the refurbished devices have already proven themselves during their previous service life, which means that manufacturing errors or other defects can be ruled out.

4. Secure an update & upgrade

In contrast to second-hand equipment, refurbished equipment is state-of-the-art and receives an increase in value through our specialized general overhaul, whereas new equipment is subject to a constant loss of value. By installing new and current software or expanding storage capacities, Cybertrading not only updates used products, but ultimately puts them one step ahead of the original version. In addition to the technical components, the devices also receive an optical general overhaul in which external defects are eliminated.

5. You get additional security

Despite the strictest quality controls, technical defects cannot be completely ruled out. If your goods do not function properly, we offer you a guarantee on all articles purchased from us in addition to the legal warranty. With a warranty extension, which you can purchase from us, the warranty period can also be extended to up to 5 years.

6. Benefit from already activated licenses

When buying new network technology, expensive licenses often have to be purchased to activate the full functionality of the product. With us, this functionality is in most cases, by the previous use, without additional costs guaranteed.

The purchase of used network technology from Cybertrading is worthwhile and not only in financial terms. Decide for the Refurbisment! Do something good for the environment and give still functioning devices a second life. We have aroused your interest? Then you are welcome to contact us here.