Specific terms of the IT industry at a glance

  • New: The Network item is exactly as he left the production site by the manufacturer. He was not used, removed from the package or tested sales release, has the full package and is located in the original box. In addition, all the seals are intact and the manufacturer's original guarantee is valid.
  • Used: The hardware was already in use and is thereafter may not be fully included, in rare cases has the original packaging. These items are checked by our own technicians to optical and mechanical defects and processed in severe damage, contamination or malfunction. Following the fully functional products are offered for sale.
  • Rebuilt/Refurbished: The IT product has been in use and is then checked by the technicians and undergo product testing. Before the product is released for trading, it is optically and mechanically possibly even processed by software and thus assumes the status of "like new" to. In this state, the original condition will be restored as far as possible and the ordered object of high quality packaging so that it can be sent quickly and above all safely to you.
  • Rebuilt by the original manufacturer: The network device was either in use and was then processed by the original manufacturer or was it a complaint product, which was revised by the manufacturer. For this, the product is also tested, corrected the error or replaced parts and examined for visual defects.
  • New with opened packaging / new open box: This hardware product is very popular, because in most cases only the packaging has been opened, to be similar product in terms of accessories, assembly to view. He must neither be nor have exhibited shortcomings in was used.