RFID: How to effectively cheat bank robbers
RFID modules on banknotes

The fact that thieves are becoming more and more creative and surveillance systems more and more sophisticated is something we have often looked at more closely. One development for protection that sounds very promising is the attachment of an RFID…

Cybertrading GmbH presents its new logo - more news to follow
New logo of Cybertrading GmbH

As every year, Cybertrading GmbH has a lot of plans. As the first visible change we present our trend-setting logo in a new design and fresh colours.

Google's self-propelled cars in test: driving fun with the highest safety factor
Security through technology

Anyone who looks back on his last six years as a motorist may remember an accident, dangerous situations or carelessness. But when Google looks back on the last six years, the company's chest can swell. On average, 1.83 autonomous vehicles were…

The 1.FCM achieves the championship title prematurely
Players and fans of 1. FC Magdeburg at the championship celebration

We at Cybertrading GmbH are not only your reliable partner for the trade with network hardware, but also a convinced fan and sponsor of the 1st FC Magdeburg. Therefore we are happy and congratulate our players for the early championship after the…