Your service partner

Detailed tests for guaranteed quality.

All used IT products will be thoroughly tested and refurbished at our in-house test laboratory – this is to ensure we are able to deliver high-quality products.

All devices will be assessed regarding any exterior damage or deterioration. Mechanical parts will be replaced if necessary.

The most important part is the functional testing. For premium network hardware self-tests (power-on self-test) are possible, which may run automatically and provide a record on which all errors are listed. Elaborate tests are manually pushed for chassis, where the module is completely checked, and a detailed evaluation is given.

Afterwards, port tests for the interface function are performed.

You can rely on us, guaranteed.

We offer our B2B, B2C and B2G customers 2 years warranty on our entire hardware inventory of both new and used goods.

In the unlikely event that your orders are defective you can contact us any time in order to initiate the fastest possible settlement or advance replacement.

In the case of optical product damage we ask you to attach representative photos documenting the damage so we can swiftly process your complaint.

Complaint and warranty conditions

We are there for you.

Use our convenient call-back service for us to contact you at your convenience and advise you personally. Our staff will assist you Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 6pm.

If you would like to be advised on the product range of a particular manufacturer, please preselect this in the call-back form or contact one of our Accountmanager.

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Delivery date – a matter of course for us

Besides the perfect condition, a fast and secure delivery of your goods is very important to us.

The general delivery times of our shipping partners apply for products that are not in stock.

Here you can check your shipping status of your goods. Select the shipping company that is mentioned on your order and type in the tracking number.

If there are any problems with the delivery, please contact us or the shipping company.

Top quality for efficient use.

Your ordered products are tested for a perfect technical condition in our in-house test laboratory by our certified IT technicians before we ship them out to you. A qualitative preparation for their future use in your company is a matter of course.

Offering this service, we want to contribute to the topic sustainability. The refurbishment of used devices reduces waste and protects resources as rare earth elements and noble metals. There is also no polluting and cost-intensive disposal in your responsibility because we will take care of it for you at no charge. Another benefit of using refurbished products is minimizing operational costs without reducing quality.

Purchase of your used network technology

Do you have used or obsolete network hardware that you would like to sell? Then you have the opportunity to do so with us!

We offer you various purchase models from which you can choose freely. This way you can concentrate on renewing or upgrading your network infrastructure with newer technology, and we will take care of the rest for you!

1. The classic purchase

Independently of a purchase from us, we offer to buy up your used hardware. If you would like to sell several items, you are welcome to send us a list with the details of the item number and manufacturer to We will check your request and make you a fair offer.

2. Trade In

You have old hardware and would like to replace it with new? No problem, we also offer you a solution for this. You can use your used equipment for a discount on your next purchase from us.

You purchase a new device from us and receive up to 5% discount on your next purchase from us for each device that you trade in for it. It does not matter how old your equipment is.

Your advantages when trading in:

  • You save up to 5% on your purchase.
  • In addition, you benefit from our guarantees when you make a purchase.
  • You create space in your warehouse and return sorted out equipment to the market, which saves resources and protects the environment. You can read more about the remarketing process here.

If you currently have no need for new network technology or are planning your purchase at a later date, you will receive a credit of up to 5% on your customer account. The amount will be agreed with you individually at the time of purchase. Unfortunately, a payout of the amount is not possible.

3. Commission

You can also just let us do the work! Store your goods with us and together we will agree on a desired selling price. We will then take care of the sale of your goods.

Are you interested in buying used hardware? Then please contact us via our contact form.

Together we will find the right solution for you.