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  • Stefan Grünheid

    Stefan Grünheid Head of Sales Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 116 s.gruenheid@cybertrading.de

    I am responsible for the entire sales department at Cybertrading GmbH. If you have a concern regarding this area, you are welcome to contact me.

  • Rafael Siegmund

    Rafael Siegmund Head of Sales End-Customer Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 167 r.siegmund@cybertrading.de

    I supervise the sales end customer department. You cantact me at any time, if you have any questions.

  • Andreas Petzold

    Andreas Petzold Accountmanager Cisco Systems Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 113 a.petzold@cybertrading.de

    I am your contact for the manufacturer Cisco Systems. You need an offer for network hardware of this brand or have questions about your order? Use the contact form or contact me directly at the given telephone number or by e-mail.

  • Sebastian Wundrack

    Sebastian Wundrack Accountmanager Juniper | APC Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 126 s.wundrack@cybertrading.de

    Are you interested in IT hardware from Juniper or APC? I will gladly make you a suitable offer and answer your questions. Call me or send your request by mail to the given mail address.

  • Daniel Richter

    Daniel Richter Accountmanager HP/3Com | H3C Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 135 d.richter@cybertrading.de

    You would like to set up or expand your network with IT technology from the manufacturer HP/3Com or H3C? I would like to support you! Leave me a message - using the contact form or call me.

  • Daniel Losch

    Daniel Losch Accountmanager Nortel | Extreme | Enterasys Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 127 d.losch@cybertrading.de

    Whether you want to equip your network with products from Nortel Networks, Extreme or Enterasys - I'm your trusted partner. For an individual offer or questions about your order, I am always at your disposal.

  • Steffen Kleiner

    Steffen Kleiner Accountmanager DELL | Allied Telesis | Brocade | Foundry Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 120 s.kleiner@cybertrading.de

    Please contact me if you are interested in network hardware from DELL, Brocade, Allied Telesis or Foundry. I will gladly prepare an individual quote and answer your questions.

  • Alexander Brill

    Alexander Brill Accountmanager Alcatel-Lucent Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 153 a.brill@cybertrading.de

    If you have questions about your Alcatel-Lucent order or need a quote for items from this manufacturer, I'm happy to help.

  • Michael Holste

    Michael Holste Accountmanager IBM | Lenovo Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 168 m.holste@cybertrading.de

    I am your contact for the manufacturer IBM and Lenovo. If you have any questions about your order or you would like to have an individual quote, I am at your disposal at any time.

  • Fabian Kaufmann

    Fabian Kaufmann Head of Purchasing Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 112 f.kaufmann@cybertrading.de

    I supervise the entire strategic purchasing process at Cybertrading GmbH. If you have questions about this topic, I look forward to hear from you.

  • Lisa Pußel

    Lisa Pußel Head of Marketing Tel.: Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 144 l.pussel@cybertrading.de

    At Cybertrading GmbH, I'm responsible for the marketing department. If you have any questions about this topic, I am looking forward to hearing from you by e-mail or telephone.

  • Silke Wiehe

    Silke Wiehe Online Sales Manager Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 117 s.wiehe@cybertrading.de

    If you order Cisco Systems products through our online shop it-market.com or our shops on eBay and Amazon, I am your contact person. I look forward to your orders and are available to you for the corresponding details.

  • Stephanie van Olphen

    Stephanie van Olphen Head of HR & Assistance to CEO Tel.: Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 150 s.vanolphen@cybertrading.de

    Are you interested in a career with Cybertrading GmbH or do you have questions about our vacancies? Then do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to answer your questions and look forward to your call or message!

  • Grit Rachler

    Grit Rachler Head of Accounting Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 146 g.rachler@cybertrading.de

    My task is to coordinate, manage and control the proper performance of all accounting transactions. As a point of contact for external partners, government agencies or health insurance I am at your disposal. Contact me by mail or at the telephone number provided.

  • Christian Bannier

    Christian Bannier Head of Logistics Tel.: +49 (0) 39203 9696 143 c.bannier@cybertrading.de

    At Cybertrading GmbH, I supervise the entire process of warehouse logistics. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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