Used networking devices must be put through their paces before they can be resold. This is very important in order to be able to guarantee optimum quality. Especially the testing of network switches requires that every single port is checked for full functionality. The process is very time consuming and hence most of the times not feasible. For this reason, we have developed two adapters that reduce the time-consuming process for each device to only a few seconds. Our Cleverport exploits all functions of the device to full capacity and this makes it possible to ascertain and evaluate the functionality of each port. Compared to the common method with patch cords, our Cleverports allow you to save up to 80% of time. After a long development period, the production of numerous prototypes and the registration of a utility model, our Cleverports are ready for market launch and distribution now.


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8 Port Crossover Test adapter

  • Test all common network switches with 8 or more ports
  • Price: 141,72 € (164,39 € incl. VAT)
  • quantity discount possible
  • delivery time: 4 to 6 weeks
  • 90 days warranty

12 Port Crossover Test Adapter

  • Test all common network switches with 12 or more ports
  • price: 163,86 € (190,08 € incl. VAT)
  • quantity discount possible
  • delivery time: 4 to 6 weeks
  • 90 days warranty

Your advantages at a glance

Time saving - Save up to 80% of your time on port testing

90 days warranty - You are covered by a 90 day warranty

Quantity discount - You need more? No problem!

See for yourself

Small, simple, practical – These are our Cleverports! Convince yourself of their easy handling yet. Take a look at this short video right now! Here we show you how the test plugs work. You will receive all necessary information about the functionality of your network switch ports within one minute.

CleverPort – Because IT is your time

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