Buy new or used hardware? - The dynamics of the IT industry requires many companies to flexibly adapt their IT infrastructure. Refurbished hardware can be a real alternative to new equipment against the backdrop of fast-changing requirements, especially when it comes to high-quality IT products from leading manufacturers such as Cisco Systems, Juniper, HP, IBM, or Dell.

The refurbishment describes the quality-assured overhaul and repair of used IT hardware and the subsequent return to the market. It is often assumed that new network technology offers a longer service life and more security. That this is not the case in general, we would like to explain to you here.

As part of IT-Remarketing, all used IT products will be thoroughly tested and refurbished at our in-house test laboratory. In addition to the optical tests, in which the network device is examined for external damage or wear and tear, the mechanical components are examined with regard to their condition and, especially in the case of older hardware, are replaced due to wear and tear. The most important part is the functional testing. For premium network hardware self-tests (power-on self-test) are possible, which may run automatically and provide a record on which all errors are listed. Elaborate tests are manually pushed for chassis, where the module is completely checked, and a detailed evaluation is given. Afterwards, port tests for the interface function are performed.

The recycling of used hardware components by our certified IT technicians therefore offers many advantages - both economically and ecologically:

  • You save money and reduce your IT operating costs: Remanufactured hardware is much cheaper to buy than new network products - there are even significant discounts on the manufacturers list price possible.
  • You are doing something for the environment: From an environmental point of view, you are acting in the interests of the environment if you avoid the costly disposal of network equipment by specialist companies while conserving high-quality resources such as copper, stainless steel, aluminum and rare earths by reusing network technology.
  • You receive guaranteed quality: After processing the goods, you also receive a guarantee, regardless of whether you are a B2B, B2C or B2G customer. With every single one of our products you receive a promise of quality.
  • The choice is yours: With our extensive product portfolio, we also offer you end-of-sale products and spare parts that are usually hard or expensive to buy. We can also advise you on compatible devices at any time.

The use of refurbished hardware thus provides companies the opportunity to design their IT infrastructure efficiently and efficiently without having to forego the use of high-quality branded devices. An additional and, for you, crucial advantage of second-hand goods is that your network product has been extensively tested and proven in time of use, which can eliminate manufacturing defects or other defects. Here you can find further information about the refurbishment.

In order to objectively evaluate the topic, it is helpful to know the different states of network articles. A crucial role is "new", "used" and "refurbished". Here is an explanation of the industry standard hardware conditions of network technology.