Green IT

- Let's Live Green IT -

Never before has the health of our planet been so important as it is today. Melting poles, the extinction of countless animal and plant species, natural disasters - these are all consequences of climate change that threaten the health of our planet. It is time for all of us to act and take responsibility. Everyone can make a contribution, because even small things can make a big difference.

Thus, the topic of sustainability is also gaining more and more importance for companies in the technology sector. We, the Cybertrading GmbH, have decided to make our own contribution to climate protection. With our Green IT concept, we therefore focus on the reuse and refurbishment of used hardware.


I Plant A Tree

The idea behind "I Plant A Tree" is to reforest forests in the Harz region in Saxony-Anhalt and to guarantee the protection of the trees. The organization focuses on sustainable forestry, thus creating near-natural mixed and fir forests on the managed areas.  The reforestation project of "I Plant A Tree" thus differs fundamentally from state or private forestry, since on the one hand one can choose between different planting projects and on the other hand the organization can guarantee the protection of the trees.

As a partner of the Ramsenberg project in the southern Harz region, we are pleased to have planted 105 new trees. With this project, we support sustainable forest conversion in the entire Harz region. The Südharz forest district is certified according to the rules of PEFC and FSC and is part of a cooperation with the Saxony-Anhalt State Forestry Enterprise.

Weather station - Project Petrus

We are delighted when young people decide to shape their professional future with us. That's why we support our employees and trainees in all their projects and give them room for new ideas.

Therefore we are especially proud of our trainee's first project: Petrus - Cybertrading's first weather station.

Besides the challenge for our apprentice to teach himself a programming language, the building and construction was also a big task for this project. Many components were constructed from recycled materials from our test lab. With a little handcrafs, recycled electronic parts and the active support of his colleagues, our trainee was able to build Cybertrading's first weatherproof and stable weather station.

Small animals with great importance

Did you know that World Bee Day takes place every year on May 20? The internationally known World Bee Day is intended to draw attention to the great bee mortality, which has a negative impact on nature and humans. Why? Bees are, among many other animals, crucial for mankind. By pollinating a large part of our plants, they ensure the preservation and abundance of our food.

Therefore, we have decided to actively fight against bee mortality and support regional bee protection projects. Thanks to the company HarzRitter and its project Bienotopia we are now the proud owner of a 10 m² biosphere reserve in the bee sanctuary near the Teufelsmauer - between Cattenstedt and Timmenrode - for 12 months.

Our Tree for Magdeburg

Besides bees, trees are also essential for the preservation of our ecosystem. That's why we also got involved in the Magdeburg donation campaign "My Tree for Magdeburg" in 2021.

Since 1995, trees have been planted in parks and green spaces, streets and squares, playgrounds and municipal cemeteries as part of this fundraising campaign. This campaign is increasingly gaining national attention and is now regarded as a nationwide model when it comes to making a city greener.

To show that we are firmly rooted here, we have also enriched the Magdeburg cityscape and planted our first and own Cyber-Tree.