Warranty conditions

Our products always subject to strict quality control. If a purchased product from us is not yet working properly, we regret this very much and ask you to contact our customer service listed below. We are available by phone via the said service hotline, via e-mail or fax.

In addition to the statutory warranty rights to which you are entitled we, as guarantor, give you a warranty on all purchased items in accordance with the following provisions. Your statutory rights are not restricted by this. If the purchased item is defective, you can therefore always contact us, regardless of whether the guarantee occurs and whether the guarantee is being used or not.

1) The warranty period is 3 years from date of purchase of new items and refurbished items. The date of purchase is the date, on which the purchase contract was concluded. The warranty is addressed to private and commercial customers and applies worldwide. A consumer is any natural person who makes a contract for a purpose not attributed to his or her commercial or independent professional activities. For commercial customers, the warranty depends on the specified in the purchase contract warranty period. A Commercial customer is the natural or juristic person or a judicable private company which, in concluding a contract, acts in its independent professional or commercial activities.

2) During the warranty period are devices that have due to material and workmanship defects, repaired or replaced free of charge at our discretion. Exchanged devices or parts of devices become our property. The guarantee does not extend the warranty period nor do they initiate a new warranty in motion.

3) Guarantee claims must be made immediately after becoming aware of the defect within the warranty period are asserted.

4) To exercise the warranty the following steps are required: Please contact us by e-mail, fax or phone with the customer service. If the defect is within the scope of our warranty, you will receive a repaired or new device.

5) In the case of a warranty claim, we will cover the full shipping costs as long as the customer's registered office or a corresponding shipping address is within the European Union. Customers with a registered office outside the European Union have to bear the full shipping and transport costs at their own expense.

6) Warranty claims are excluded for damages caused by:

  • Misuse or improper handling
  • Environmental conditions (moisture, heat, over voltage, dust, etc.)
  • Non-compliance with the applicable safety precautions for the device
  • Not following the instructions
  • Use of force (eg, shock, impact, case)
  • Interventions that are not made by the authorized by us service address were
  • Unauthorized attempts to repair
  • To send in non-safety packaging

7) From the scope of the guarantee is not (or no longer) detected defects or damage to the appliance may be repaired for a refund. For a custom quote, please contact our customer service. The shipping costs will in this case, at your expense

8) Software and licenses are excluded from the warranty.

9) Unless otherwise agreed, rechargeable batteries, batteries and hard drives are excluded from the warranty (your statutory rights are not restricted by this).

10) In the event that your purchased devices have to be registered with the manufacturer with the serial number (e.g. for maintenance and service contracts or license activations), please check immediately after receipt of the goods whether this is possible without restrictions. Otherwise your warranty claims are void.

Notice: Your statutory rights in the event of defects are not restricted by this guarantee promise and you can avail yourself of them free of charge. Any existing statutory warranty rights towards us remain unaffected by this guarantee promise.

In case of a complaint or a cancellation you are welcome to use our contact form.

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