New: These are new and unused goods. Unless explicitly agreed and offered, we reserve the right to deliver items that have the following characteristics:

  • It is possible that no manufacturer warranty can be claimed. This is where our guarantee applies.
  • It cannot be guaranteed that the latest versions are used on the hardware and software side.
  • The packaging may have already been opened (NOB = New Open Box).
  • An identically constructed device from another manufacturer is delivered.
  • The device no longer has the original packaging from the manufacturer. (Bulk goods).
  • Partially missing accessories such as cables, screws or operating instructions.
  • The equipment does not always meet the requirements to be included in a maintenance contract of the original manufacturer.

Refurbished: These are used devices, often without original packaging, which have been technically checked, professionally cleaned and refurbished. The devices offer all functions of a corresponding new device. All data of the previous owner has been deleted in an audit-proof manner. Minor optical defects may occur. Unless explicitly agreed and offered, we reserve the right that:

  • Suitable basic accessories are supplied either by the original manufacturer or 3rd party manufacturer.
  • Extended accessories or operating instructions are not included in the scope of delivery.
  • Articles with designations such as spare, renew, excess refurbished, refresh, remanufactured, which are directly brought to market by the manufacturer, can also be supplied.

Used: These are used equipment, without original packaging that has not been technically and visually inspected for damage. The devices often show signs of wear and tear and no functional reliability can be guaranteed. The data may not have been professionally erased.