Project Petrus - The new Cybertrading weather station
Trainee projekt raspberry pi

We are particularly proud when young people decide to shape their professional future with us. Therefore, we support our trainees in all their projects and give them room for new ideas.

Supply bottlenecks and a shortage of chips? We have the answer!
Hands on circuit board

Months of waiting for the new laptop or the much needed phone for the office? The effects of faltering supply chains and missing components have now reached a wide range of industries. Particular attention is being paid to the current chip shortage,…

Behind the Scenes - Interview with the boss
[Translate to English:] CEO Frank Niemann und Chewy im Büro

We got to the bottom of our CEO Frank Niemann and wanted to know what his daily work routine is like and what he is particularly proud of. The result is a short interview that gives us an exciting look behind the scenes.

Ransomware and malware threats
hacked through ransomeware

In the age of digitalization, billions of people around the world use the Internet, and the trend is rising. As the number of users increases, so does the risk of viruses, Trojans and the like. That's why it's more important than ever for companies…

5 reasons for refurbished network equipment from Cybertrading
Seedling on IT hardware

The acquisition of new network technology can be necessary for various reasons. For example, defective devices must be replaced or low-performance hardware must be exchanged. New IT technology can be purchased in three different states: "new", "used"…