Annual Review 2022 - The 15th year of Cybertrading's history
Cybertrading Company and the year 2022

The 15th year of Cybertrading GmbH - 2022 is coming to an end. We, the Cybertrading GmbH, would like to thank our employees, customers and business partners for a successful year. Now it is time to review the year and take a closer look at our highs,…

What a beautiful Christmas season
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

“We all know what it means when the little bell starts ringing merrily! Presents are under the tree and dreams come true. Our hearts become joyful and wide: What a beautiful Christmas season!”

Fulfilling last wishes - Cybertrading supports “Wünschewagen Sachsen-Anhalt”
[Translate to English:] Wünschewagen steht vor dem Cybertrading Gebäude

“Having one last wish!” - Fulfilling a last wish for critically ill people in the final phase of their lives? One last trip to the soccer match of their favourite team? Or just enjoying a relaxed day at the beach with the family? The Wünschewagen, an…

Saving in times of crises - how companies can optimise their expenditures in the energy crisis
Calculator with mains plug and money

Due to inflation the prices for electricity, food, energy and appliances are rising enormously. Companies can save money through simple measures. In addition to raising awareness among employees and optimizing the use of lighting and heating, costs…

From trainee to career changer - many roads lead to Cybertrading
from trainee to career change

No matter if you are an intern, a working student, a career changer or a young professional - at Cybertrading you will find a wide variety of personalities! Our mission is to create an attractive working environment in which everyone finds their…