Cybertrading throughout the ages – from office equipment to benefits
[Translate to English:] Cybertrading Logo im Wandel

Last December, we proudly celebrated 15 years of Cybertrading - an era in which our company has gone through a remarkable journey. From a start-up to an established medium-sized company, we have had to overcome numerous challenges and have been…

People and animals in need - Cybertrading supports TierAnker Magdeburg e.V.
[Translate to English:] Menschen verteilen Essen in Boxen beim TierAnker e.V.

“Because we are convinced that even people to whom fate is not kind need a support: their pet." - a conviction with which TierAnker Magdeburg e.V. supports people in need and their animals. Because who hasn't experienced it? In life, things often…

Power-over-Ethernet - Why you should use PoE!
[Translate to English:] 2 Enden eines Ethernetkabels

Power-over-Ethernet combines data transmission and power supply in a single cable and is thus an extension of Ethernet technology. Especially for smaller network devices, PoE is used as a cost-effective, secure and flexible solution for businesses…

My internship at Cybertrading GmbH
[Translate to English:] Mitschriften aus der Praktikumszeit bei Cybertrading

Hi, my name is Amy and I had the opportunity to do an internship at Cybertrading GmbH from the 20/03 to the 31/03. I accompanied and supported the employees of the Marketing and Human Resources (HR) departments. One of my tasks was to write my own…

We wish EGG-cellent Easter
colourful easter bunnies with the writing "Happy Easter"

“At Easter, nature awakens to new life, everything starts to bloom and to green.”