5 reasons for refurbished network equipment from Cybertrading
Seedling on IT hardware

The acquisition of new network technology can be necessary for various reasons. For example, defective devices must be replaced or low-performance hardware must be exchanged. New IT technology can be purchased in three different states: "new", "used"…

Behind the scenes - Getting off to a flying start as a cybertrading professional! Is that possible?
[Translate to English:] Neue Kollegin Marie am Arbeitsplatz

For newcomers, the start in a new company is an exciting phase. You get trained, meet a lot of new people, have to organise yourself and face new challenges. We wanted to know more and talked to our new colleague Marie from the product management…

WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY 2021: Ecosystem Restoration
Logo of the City of Magdeburg with Magdeburg Knight

Preserving and restoring biodiversity is one of the greatest challenges of our time. A dramatic extinction of species can be observed, also here in Saxony-Anhalt. About a quarter of our native animal and plant species are threatened with extinction.…

Network switch - THE component in your corporate network
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A good network consists of many components. One elementary component is the network switch. Today, it is difficult to imagine network technology without a switch. Here you can get an overview of the importance and behaviour of a switch within your…

Magdeburg needs Handball - We are and will remain #GREENRED
 Logo of the SC Magdeburg sports club

We are committed to supporting the sporting and social life of our region wherever we can. Especially in these difficult times, you can only be unbeatable if you work together. Thus, we continue to stand by the handball club SC Magdeburg as a strong…