From trainee to career changer - many roads lead to Cybertrading
from trainee to career change

No matter if you are an intern, a working student, a career changer or a young professional - at Cybertrading you will find a wide variety of personalities! Our mission is to create an attractive working environment in which everyone finds their…

Top 5 - differences between unmanaged and managed switches
managed und unmanaged Switches

In network technology, there is a wide range of managed and unmanaged switches. All switches fulfill the same basic functions - to build a home or business network...

World Environment Day - Let's take care of IT
Lettering with green background and bees auf Waben

World Environment Day celebrates its 50th anniversary this year under the slogan #OnlyOneEarth. Since June 05, 1972, this special day pursues the goal of promoting global awareness and action to protect the environment...

Easter Greetings from us to you!
Happy easter and easter eggs

“Easter is a time for giving and thinking about each other. Though no car, though no art - but a message with a lot of heart."

The future in the cloud - how is working cloud-based work and where the trend is heading
Animation cloud orange

The Corona pandemic is not only influencing the working environment and various business processes but has also accelerated the move towards digitalization and cloud computing once again.