Perspectives for young mothers - Cybertrading supports the mother-child area of SoziaBell e.V.

"We try to prepare our teenagers and young mothers as good as we can for an independent lifestyle. If this succeeds even a little bit, it really fills us with joy and pride. Every single employee can really make a difference." Katrin Riedel, Deputy Overall Manager of SoziaBell e.V.

Doubts, feelings of being overwhelmed, no secure income - teenage or young adolescent mothers are constantly faced with new challenges. Whether tensions within the family environment or financial worries, the association SoziaBell e.V. supports young mothers in such difficult life situations with the mother-child project "MUKI". The aim of the project is to help mothers and their children learn to lead an independent and positive life.

Freie Jugendhilfe - SoziaBell e.V. is a non-profit association based in Magdeburg that supports socially disadvantaged people. Looking back on 32 years of association history, projects such as the mother-child area as well as inpatient and outpatient educational assistance projects have been brought to life. The facilities include a youth home and a residential home for girls and young women. In addition, the association looks after external residential groups and offers socio-pedagogical family support. The association always aims to convey values and skills for a positive, independent life with perspectives.

Support in difficult life situations

In 2023, the mother and child area, located in Magdeburg Stadtfeld, was the focus of the association's work. "MUKI" is aimed at underage girls and young women between the ages of 14 and 27 who are expecting a child or have already given birth. In addition, the young mothers are usually in a tense situation, caused by varied reasons. These are often of a personal, family, emotional or financial nature. SoziaBell e.V. supports the mothers and provides them with a safe place to live with direct access to the city center and good public transport connections. Together with the young mothers, they create a basis for the healthy development and promotion of the child's practical everyday skills. In addition to furnished rooms, mothers and children also have access to areas for communal use, such as a terrace and a sports room.

people in the kitchen

Touched by the comprehensive and worthy support that SoziaBell e.V. provides for young people in need, Frank Niemann, Managing Director of Cybertrading GmbH, decided to make a donation to the association for the second time. In 2021, Cybertrading equipped the sports room of the girls' home with a billiard table and a floorball set.

This year, the focus of the mother and child project "MUKI" was on renovating the shared kitchen, which has been in full use for 20 years. Frank Niemann took the opportunity to surprise the association and all those involved with a new kitchen in the amount of 5,000 euros. The joint inspection of this took place as part of the official donation handover on Monday, December 4, 2023 in the girls' home together with the deputy overall manager of SoziaBell e.V. Katrin Riedel and the head of the mother-child area Christin Hackler.

In-kind donations by the staff of the company

In addition to financial support, the Cybertrading team also got involved internally, because how useful is a kitchen if you don't have the right equipment? All colleagues were therefore invited to make a private donation in the form of kitchen utensils. Whether it was pots, pans, crockery, cutlery or small electrical appliances such as toasters or kettles that were no longer needed, the association was delighted with a high level of participation.  #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

gift basket on table

During the kitchen tour, all internally collected in-kind donations were handed over. From now on, these will not only fill the cupboards and drawers of the new kitchen in the mother and child area but will also be distributed to the other facilities.

Would you also like to support SoziaBell e.V.?

Whether it's the youth home for girls and boys, the ALVA girls' home with the "ANNA" girls' residential project or the "MUKI" mother and child area - would you also like to take the opportunity to do something good? Then you are cordially invited to support SoziaBell e.V. with a donation.

Monetary donations:

In-kind Donations: