Refurbished hardware - As good as new, sometimes even better

Good and powerful network technology is an essential part of the IT infrastructure for every modern company. Against this background, the purchase of refurbished hardware, so-called refurbished devices, is increasingly attracting the attention of companies. Refurbishment refers to the quality-assured overhaul, preparation and repair of used IT hardware and offers many advantages in both economic and ecological terms.

Refurbished hardware is not "electronic scrap"

As a specialized dealer for reconditioned hardware, we are of course aware of the existing reservations. It is often assumed that new network technology offers a longer service life and more security than the use of reconditioned components. But this is not generally the case. In most cases, however, refurbished hardware is by no means "electronic scrap", but can regain value with a specialized general overhaul. By installing new and current software or expanding storage capacity, the products are updated and ultimately even one step ahead of the new version.

The procedure for the recycling of used network articles at Cybertrading GmbH follows fixed procedures: Our certified technicians subject the articles in our in-house test laboratory to various product tests and test routines in order to guarantee complete functionality. The goods are examined for the usual wear parts, which are usually renewed or also reconditioned if used intensively for the first time. Once the product has passed all mechanical and software-based tests, it is optically reconditioned.

Cost savings and sustainable IT

Well-prepared information technology is in no way inferior to new components, but it is significantly cheaper. When a new device is put into operation, there is a constant loss of value, which means that the products can be offered at a considerable discount after the initial use. Companies can significantly reduce their IT operating costs by using refurbished hardware. Customers do not have to scrap their existing infrastructure in the event of a defect. Instead, they have a single point of contact for the procurement of replacement and replacement products that are normally difficult or very expensive to obtain.

Apart from the savings, there is also an ecological benefit. The resource-saving use of information and communication technology is becoming increasingly important in the technology sector. Sorted but fully functional network devices do not have to be disposed of at high costs, but can be used to their full life on the secondary market. At the same time, high-quality resources such as copper, stainless steel, aluminium and rare earths are conserved by reusing network and computer technology.

Powerful alternative to new hardware

The use of refurbished hardware gives companies the opportunity to make their IT infrastructure efficient and powerful without having to forego the use of high-quality branded equipment. Due to the comprehensive selection and the financial leeway that results from the use of refurbished network technology, attention can be paid to the conscious use of energy-saving products. Because if "used" is just as good as "new", but the price is significantly lower, then everyone has won: the buyer has saved cash, and important resources have been preserved for the environment. In the field of IT infrastructure, this model with a future already works.