Santa Claus comes today - the children of "Noah's Ark" got a surprise

Fairy lights, tinsel, Advent wreaths and Christmas trees adorn the houses, Christmas music plays in the shops and the Christmas markets are surrounded by the smell of mulled wine, gingerbread and other sweets - there it is, the Christmas season ...

... A time in which children's eyes grow larger, in which security, safety and love are the focus of attention.

But unfortunately not everyone can feel the magic that Christmas brings to the family. This is also true for the children of the integrative children's and youth home "Noah's Ark" in the district of Ottersleben. Noah's Ark, an institution of the Pfeiffer Foundation, is an in-patient residential facility for children and young people aged between 4 and 25 who have a mental or psychological disability. The children's and young people's home allows the currently 54 children to experience what security and safety means and makes the little ones "fit for life" through support and educational work.

"Children only have one childhood. So make them unforgettable."

It was a matter of great concern to us and especially to the managing director of Cybertrading GmbH, Frank Niemann, to make the eyes of the children and young people of Noah's Ark shine. So Frank Niemann decided to give the little ones a little joy for Santa Claus. The kids received a boy and a girl bicycle to be able to pass the bicycle test at school. In addition, Mr. Niemann presented the head of the institution, Mrs. Daniela Höhne (2nd from left), with a voucher for the Leipzig Zoo and a voucher for Belantis. This means that nothing stands in the way of the group excursions next year.

The surprise was successful and the joy on both sides was great. Would you also like to give the little ones of the children's and youth home Noah's Ark a very special present for Christmas? Then you are cordially invited to support the institution in its project with a donation of any kind.

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