SoziaBell e.V. - Cybertrading supports institution for educational assistance

Domestic violence is one of many reasons why minors have to leave home. It is important that those seeking help also find help. The association SoziaBell e.V. offers young people a new home when they need it most.

SoziaBell e.V. - Freie Jugendhilfe Magdeburg is a non-profit association based in Magdeburg. This year, the association looks back on 30 years of history. The tasks and goals are complex and are applied in the context of both inpatient and outpatient educational support. The facilities include a youth home for girls and boys as well as the girls' home ALVA, with the girls' residential project "ANNA" and a mother-child area. The association's tasks are to accompany young, socially disadvantaged people with the aim of providing them with a perspective in the current social context. In addition to conveying a sense of security, the focus of the pedagogical work is equally on promoting personality development and recognizing and experiencing positive basic values such as solidarity, acceptance, tolerance, and a sense of community. 

Increased potential for conflict during the pandemic

For almost two years now, the Corona pandemic has held the world in its grip. The impact on social life is immense and the long-term consequences of this cannot yet be assessed. Contact restrictions, homeschooling, and the abandonment of leisure activities - the quality of life of children and young people, in particular, is restricted and this has an impact on mental health. Irritability and mood swings can lead to arguments in the family. People cannot avoid each other, the potential for conflict increases and, in the worst case, domestic violence occurs.

Find solutions and talk about problems!

"Experiencing positive, joyful, and meaningful leisure time activities is an important building block for the children and young people's development,"says Nadine Achtel, Managing Director of SoziaBell Freie Jugendhilfe Magdeburg e.V.

Guided tour of the girls' dorm

There is a sports room in the residential area of the girls' home. This has recently been renovated and the equipment is currently in progress. Frank Niemann, managing director of Cyber trading GmbH, took the opportunity to support the association with a billiard table and a floorball set. With combined muscle power, the table was transported to the dormitory, so that on Tuesday, 07 December 2021, the table could be inaugurated with a joint game of billiards.

Cybertrading employees inaugurate the pool table with a game

"We are very happy that we can now further support the development of the children and young people with our new sports room." Nadine Achtel, director of SoziaBell Freie Jugendhilfe Magdeburg e.V., expressed her thanks on behalf of the entire association.

pool table

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