Since 2007, Cybertrading Ltd. is an independent and international operating trading partner of network technology with more than 60 employees at the company’s headquarter in Barleben, Saxony-Anhalt. The offered hardware includes high-quality IT products from leading manufacturers, like Cisco Systems, Juniper, HPE, etc. The portfolio of over 75.000 articles, which is growing almost daily, offers products in newused and refurbished condition. Cybertrading Ltd. strives to deal with valuable resources in a sustainable manner by focusing on IT remarketing, which is the reprocessing of already used network products in their own building.

Cybertrading, a success story

Cybertrading Ltd. was founded as a start-up with two employees in Magdeburg by Frank Niemann, in December 2007. At that time the company was exclusively active in the IT broker segment, but within a short time period it established itself as one of the best known and most reliable partners in the IT broker sector worldwide.

As a result of staff growth and a continuous increasing portfolio, consisting of products from all network hardware and storage providers, the company’s headquater was moved from Magdeburg to Barleben in March 2010.

In 2011 Cybertrading Ltd. began to support consumers in the B2B and B2G sector in addition to the IT broker segment. The Cybertrading shops on various marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon were of particular importance at that time, enabling the company to offer its services across German borders.

The new, trend-setting Cybertrading logo was developed in 2014. The intertwined letters symbolize a „C“ and „T“, which is the abbreviation for Cybertrading and symbolises a certain dynamism that has always characterized the company. The slogan „Let’s Live IT“ complemented the company logo the following year. It expresses the passion, that is lived in the company every day. Cybertrading Ltd. and all employees live the trade with network technology and therefore they take their motivation.

In 2014, the own homepage cybertrading.de was launched. With the increasing focus on online trading and its expansion, the company’s own online shop it-market.com was launched in August 2015 after a two-year development period. Since then, the shop has made it possible to operate internationally and to supply customers around the world with the required network technology quickly, easily and cost-effectively. In summer 2018 the online shop got a new logo. As with Cybertrading, the intertwined "I" and "T" represent the abbreviation for it-market.com. Due to the great similarity of the logos, the connection of both brands could be established.

Cybertrading makes space for further growth

The continuous growth since the foundation of the company required a further move to larger premises. So in September 2017, the foundation stone of the new headquater of Cybertrading Ltd. was laid. A two-storey office building and a 550mwarehouse were built on an area of more than 800m2, in order to be able to deal with customer enquiries and wishes even more effectively in future. In addition, a modern warehouse and workplace structure was created, which will allow further process optimization in the future.

After the warehouse and technology had already moved into the new building in March 2019, the grand opening of the new company building followed in early September 2019. Ergonomically adapted office equipment, curved screens and height-adjustable tables provide state-of-the-art workplaces for the employees ever since.

In addition to an annual summer party and a Christmas party, to which the families of the employees are always invited, the team regularly visits the Magdeburg Oktoberfest. Since 2018, Cybertrading has also been a sponsor of the Oktoberfest. Further to that, team cohesion is strengthened at sporting events such as the Magdeburg company relay race or departmental excursions.

After Cybertrading Ltd. had already been chosen as a finalist in 2018, the company was awarded with the "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes" (award for medium-sized businesses in Germany) in August 2019. The award was won against over 200 other nominated medium-sized companies from Saxony-Anhalt. This honour reflected the success, hard work and outstanding achievements of each individual employee over the past years. The award also paid tribute to the commitment of Cybertrading Ltd. in the area around Magdeburg. In addition to the sponsoring of professional sports and small clubs in the region, the regular support of charitable institutions such as the University Hospital Magdeburg or the children and youth home "Arche Noah" through financial and material donations is a matter close to the heart of the company.

Driven by the success of the past few years, the company strives to continue to break new and innovative ground in future. Among other things, a complete relaunch of the online shop is planned, which will guarantee an improved experience for customers and meet the growing technical requirements. In addition, Cybertrading Ltd. wants to establish itself as a training company in the region of Magdeburg. The corresponding approval by the Magdeburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the construction of the company building provide the first important prerequisites for this. Furthermore, the company will sell its own developed adapters, the Cleverports, for testing the functionality of network switches. Be curious about many more projects and accompany us also in the future on our way.