Behind the scenes - Getting off to a flying start as a cybertrading professional! Is that possible?

Actually, the word itself gives it away: A career starter is someone who has recently completed an apprenticeship, further education, retraining or a degree course and is now starting their professional life with a freshly signed employment contract. The same applies to those who have already worked for several years but need a change of scenery and are reorienting themselves professionally once again. 

For newcomers, the start in a new company is an exciting phase. You get trained, meet a lot of new people, have to organise yourself and face new challenges. 

We wanted to know more and talked to our new colleague Marie from the product management department and asked her to tell us about her first impressions. The result is an exciting interview that takes a unique look behind the scenes.


Hello Marie, we are very happy to have you here. What exactly did you do before joining Cybertrading GmbH?

"I studied international technical communication and translation. However, contrary to the name, my studies also included modules such as project management and individual lectures on communication technology. Nevertheless, I am a career changer in my current field of work."

That's very exciting and why did you choose the field of product management in particular?

"Product management has always been an area that interested me a lot. A company stands and falls with its products, so looking after them is incredibly important. In addition, I like to work according to a fixed structure and also like to deal with details, which are what make a product really round."

We would like to know a little more: What does a typical working day look like for you?

"My day always starts with reading my emails. Usually there are important attachments for orders early in the morning that have to be incorporated into the systems. But no day is like the other, there are always special tasks that contribute to individual product maintenance."

Your work area is integrated in different departments, after all, what makes working in such an interdisciplinary team special for you?

"I enjoy working with my team immensely. At first glance, eCommerce, Development and Product Management are three completely different areas. However, I notice every day how much we benefit from each other. The professional exchange makes work so much easier. It helps you find solutions that you wouldn't have come up with on your own, simply because the perspective is completely different. "

Are you confronted with challenges that you didn't expect in this way?

"As I said before, no two days are the same, not everything always goes smoothly. Often you don't find all the information you need for a product at first glance. Then it's detective work, sources have to be evaluated and descriptions put together or even translated. You have to be able to work precisely and be patient. Not everything is obvious at first glance. It is also an advantage to have good eyes, because often the individual item numbers differ only in a letter or a number. You shouldn't shy away from Excel either, the programme contains many tips and tricks that can make your work easier."

The IT industry has its own peculiarities, can you tell us something about your immediate working environment?

My colleagues gave me a great welcome right from the start and always supported me when I had questions or problems. Every day I realise how lucky I am with my employer and my team, which is why I never doubted my decision to join Cybertrading. I am more than happy with my choice."

Finally, we would like to know if this is how you imagined your career start?

"It was better than I expected. I felt very welcomed by my team and the whole company from the very beginning. That already started at my job interview; nowhere else did people welcome me more warmly than here. It was also very interesting to get to know the warehouse and its employees on the taster day. Both areas work hand in hand and it was fascinating to see all that is done in logistics and technology."

Thank you Marie, for this unique insight. We look forward to working with you in the future and are glad that you are part of our team.

Colleague from product management