Cybertrading supports neonatology at Magdeburg University Hospital

At the neonatal ward of the University Hospital Magdeburg, the so-called kangaroo method is used as an integral part of the development-promoting care of newborns. During this method the baby is placed on the naked upper body of the mother or father to promote parent-child bonding. The early development of a parent-child bond is important for the psycho-social and emotional development of the child, especially in premature babies.

This method has also helped little Elias (1 year old) to a strong development. Mama Annett and Papa Stefan Grünheid, employees of Cybertrading GmbH, were able to let their little son, who was born 14 weeks too early, feel their warmth and heartbeat, which made both Elias and his parents happy.

An important tool for this method is a specially designed kangaroo chair on which the parents can sit while the children are doing this. Unfortunately the Grünheid family did not have this chair. However, based on their own experience, they know how important such a chair can be. Therefore, Cybertrading GmbH saw it as a matter of the heart and donated to the Neonatology Department of the University Clinic in Magdeburg to enable the purchase of a kangaroo chair. On 12.04.2018 the new chair was officially inaugurated in the presence of Elias, Mama Annett, Papa Stefan, Frank Niemann (CEO of Cybertrading GmbH) and the team of the neonatal ward.

The Neonatology Department of the University Hospital Magdeburg is happy to receive donations of any kind, as the need for further aids for the little ones is omnipresent. Whoever would like to follow this example is cordially invited to contact Freunde und Förderer der Universitätsmedizin Magdeburg e.V.