Fontanherzen e.V. – Bellicon will help children with heart disease

Christmas means looking into his heart, pausing and spreading joy. Unfortunately not everyone has a healthy heart. Around 7,000 babies are born every year in Germany with a congenital heart defect. Among them there are children who only see the light of day with half a heart, probably the most serious congenital heart defect. With a so-called "single-chamber heart", both the body and the pulmonary circulation are supplied from only one chamber of the heart. A surgical intervention (so-called fontan surgery) is not only necessary but also life-saving. In this way, the common circulation is separated, the oxygen undersupply is eliminated and the high load on the ventricle is reduced.

How does life go on after such an operation? The Fontanherzen e. V. is there for patients who live with a fontan circuit. In Germany, this affects about 5,000 people. The association was founded in April 2012 by affected parents in order to exchange information among themselves and with specialist doctors about the particular problems associated with this malformation and also to research the causes of the defect, because the life expectancy and quality of life of the affected people still depend on cardiovascular research.

Fontanherzen e.V. - We would like to form an "Alliance for strong hearts" with all people suffering from heart disease and their relatives!

The association has set itself the task of investigating the influence of exercise and sport on heart disease and developing offers for patients that have a positive influence on their quality of life. Currently, the sports activity on a Bellicon (trampoline) is the main focus of the association's work. The vibrations and small exercises alone can train the entire lymphatic system and support the lymph flow. Through an upright posture, the coordination work as well as the joy of movement, heart patients can additionally adapt better to their daily stress and increase their quality of life.

The association Fontanherzen e.V. together with a sports club supports the establishment of the 1st Heart Sports Group for children in Saxony-Anhalt in order to teach patients how to train on the Bellicon under therapeutic supervision. CEO Frank Niemann has taken this as an opportunity to support the club in its project. In addition to a financial support of 600 € for further research work, the association was also provided with a Bellicon in the name of Cybertrading GmbH. The Bellicon was received on 11 December 2019 by the chairman, Mrs. Steffi Sänger, and little Klara Wolf (5 years old). Klara is also one of the people who was born with such a serious heart defect and since then the illness has determined the entire everyday life of the Wolf family. As a pre-Christmas surprise, Klara is allowed to inaugurate the trampoline and test it at home, so that hopefully she will feel better soon.

Would you also like to make a very special gift to the Fontanherzen e.V.? Then you are cordially invited to support the association in its project with a donation. You are welcome to transfer to the following account of the Harzsparkasse:

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