Google's self-propelled cars in test: driving fun with the highest safety factor

Anyone who looks back on his last six years as a motorist may remember an accident, dangerous situations or carelessness. But when Google looks back on the last six years, the company's chest can swell. On average, 1.83 autonomous vehicles were involved in an accident each year. When you consider that there were twenty test models on the road, this figure loses more and more relevance, especially since the average value from the data shows that an accident occurs every 1.6 million kilometres. What is the number of kilometers you drive per year?

To make one more point to the skeptics: ...accidents have happened, and there's no easy way to say that. In seven cases, however, these were not caused by the autonomous vehicle. In both cases, there were no injuries and the extent of the damage is small, as there were usually minor rear-end collisions caused by others - at traffic lights or when taking the right of way.

On the other hand, accidents that could be prevented by the new technology should be mentioned. For example, a cyclist who went through a red light remained unharmed, and ghost drivers were also detected and protected at an early stage.

In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves in whom to place their trust. But based on this data, one could give it a try, even if the unfamiliar makes one feel queasy.