Here we go!

The laying of the foundation stone of our own company building on September 28, 2017 was the start of a new section of the company and we are now on the home stretch.

Our camp is packing its last things and will move completely within the next weeks.

The development of our company and the team makes us very proud and at the same time lets us revel in old memories. Starting as a small three-man start-up, Cybertrading GmbH started in 2007 in Magdeburg and has grown to a medium-sized company with 50 employees. Not only the number of offices has increased over the years, but also the number of rooms from the initially small warehouse has increased over the years. Now we are looking forward to our new company building with the 550 m² storage area and the 800 m² office space.

Especially the warehouse and the technical department are happy about the modernisation of their departments. Various new acquisitions enable an even more modern standard and the optimization of many work processes.

Storage room in 2010
Storage room for IT hardware 2010

Construction of the warehouse of Cybertrading GmbH 2018   Cybertrading GmbH warehouse with IT hardware 2019
Storage room mid-November 2018                                                        Current status as of mid February 2019