In-ear headphones - A moment just for you

If you travel a lot by train or bus, you want to use the time to switch off. Be it to start the working day relaxed or to forget the stress of the job. However, the noise level in public transport is usually very high, which makes it difficult to enjoy the little moment of peace and quiet.

So you usually reach for your smartphone and headphones so that you are at least a little bit shielded. But it only becomes really pleasant when the headphones suppress the noise around you. What was previously almost exclusively possible with over-ear models that completely enclose the ear is now also possible with the in-ear version, which also fits much better in the pocket. 

The secret is the anti-noise technology. A microphone picks up the ambient noise, processes it and reproduces it in a staggered manner. A counter-sound is created, which dampens the disturbing acoustics and thus provides the possibility for silence and unrestricted listening to music.

Cheap models for this are offered by Pioneer and Sennheiser, starting at 75€. However, if you value sound quality, you should take a look at AKG, or go to Bose, a manufacturer known for its above-average quality.

Enjoy the moment of silence, but be careful in traffic!