Learning by Doing

If you buy a PC or laptop and take a closer look at the new piece, the first mouse click often goes to the accessories subfolder to test the standard games that are stored on the device.

However, from the manufacturer's point of view, the purpose of the game is not the fun that should be offered to the user, but the principle of Learning by Doing. Twenty-five years ago this issue was more acute than it is today. Since then, there has been a user-friendly interface in which you can work with a mouse. So it was important for people who had never owned a PC before to learn how to use the mouse, but even more important for those who had previously sent their commands to the computer by text input only. The card game Solitaire thus helps to practice the function Drag-and-Drop, with the game Minesweeper the skills of left and right clicking are strengthened. As an extension the program Hearts can be seen, which brings the multiplayer mode in the local network closer.

In recent years, games have become increasingly out of fashion as the need for learning has decreased. With Windows 10, however, the classic games are celebrating a comeback and come pre-installed. However, if you insist on using them without advertising, you will be asked to pay as usual.