My internship at Cybertrading GmbH

Hi, my name is Amy and I had the opportunity to do an internship at Cybertrading GmbH from the 20/03 to the 31/03. I accompanied and supported the employees of the Marketing and Human Resources (HR) departments. One of my tasks was to write my own blog post. For this purpose, I decided to share my experiences and taks during my time at Cybertrading in the form of a diary. 

Picture of Amy

Week 1

Monday, the 20/03 and Wednesday, the 22/03 

On my first day of the internship, I got to know all colleagues of the Marketing department. The media designer and social media manager explained the company’s social media concept to me. She informed me about the do’s and don’ts of presenting a company publicly. After the introduction, I started to collect a few ideas for the company’s Tik-Tok account. I was then allowed to implement these directly. So I shot videos, edited them and wrote a caption. The finished videos were then added to the content plan for the next few weeks. 

On Wednesday we, the marketing department and I, started the day with a team breakfast. Once a quarter each department gets the opportunity to have a team breakfast or lunch. Afterwards I joined two meetings with the Marketing and HR marketing team. I was impressed  by the fact that all topics were dealt with in a structured manner. 

Tuesday, the 21/03 and Thursday, the 23/03 

On Tuesday and Thursday I was allowed to accompany Josi, our company’s good fairy. Josi takes care of the well-being of all colleagues - she is Cybertrading’s “Feel Good Manager”. With Josi, I planned which snacks are best for the Immune-Boost-Thursday. Every Thursday, Josi creates healthy snacks for in-between to give the energy boost the colleagues need for the day. After deciding what we wanted to serve all employees, we went shopping and bought all necessary ingredients. Thursday I supported Josi preparing and distributing the healthy finger food. 

Friday, the 24/03 

The last day of the week I joined the marketing team again. We started to discuss the rest of the ideas from Wednesday for TikTok in more detail. We also created storyboards to prepare for the shoot. In storyboards the exact sequence of events for the video shoot is recorded. Afterwards, I started to write a blog post about my internship at Cybertrading. I was also able to complete the tasks assigned by the school in the course of my internship by the end of the day.


Week 2

Monday, the 27/03 and Wednesday, the 29/03 

I started the new week by shooting new videos for the TikTok channel. Therefore I used the storyboards I created on Friday to give better instructions to the colleagues who took part. For me, it meant talking a lot more and sitting a lot less. Once the person was ready to shoot, it was time to say “and action!”. It was interesting to see how differently people behaved in front of the camera. Some were naturals, so that the whole video was finished on the first shoot. Others took a little longer and needed two or three more clips before they started to feel comfortable in front of the camera. After a video is finished, everyone involved has the opportunity to see the final result before posting.

On Wednesday, I again researched trends for the social media team that they can use for future videos. Then I continued working with the photography team. They had already set up a small photo studio in the large common room to photograph the colleagues from the Operations department. I made sure that the clothes didn't wrinkle and whether the lint roller should be used again. I also tried to give advice on better poses. After the shooting marathon, I still had time to continue writing my blog post.



Tuesday, the 28/03 and Thursday, the 30/03

Like the week before, I went shopping with Josi again on Tuesday. Before every shopping tour, Josi always makes a tour through the entire building to check the stock. As Easter was coming up, Josi and the rest of the HR department planned a little something for all the staff. For this we also need materials, which are on the shopping list. Back in the office, we started making the 98 Easter gifts for all the colleagues. Personally, I found it especially nice to see how much effort the team puts into making their colleagues happy.

Thursday was another Immune-Boost-Day, so Josi and I prepared three different smoothies and energy balls. Then we took care of the offices of the boss and the assistant manager. We cleaned the surfaces and restocked materials. Afterwards, we went on another tour to check whether all the conference rooms were neat, clean and prepared for upcoming meetings.

Friday, the 31/03 

So the last day of my internship had arrived and 2 weeks were almost over. I had enough time to complete my blog post. Otherwise, I spent the last day with the HR team and we reviewed my time at Cybertrading. Since this was my last day, I was allowed to leave early and successfully complete my internship after a tough goodbye to the HR and Marketing team. 



After arriving home on Thursday after my internship day, I started to have some thoughts about my time at Cybertrading. When looking back at my time at Cybertrading, the warm welcome I received from the teams on my first day comes to mind immediately. I realised how much I enjoyed working with the HR & Marketing team. All colleagues were very nice to me, always took their time for my concerns and were able to answer all my questions. Because we quickly developed a relaxed working relationship, it hardly felt like I was going to work instead of school in the morning. The positivity and confidence they showed, helped me to do many tasks independently. Because of this, I didn't really feel like "just an intern" and I would choose Cybertrading GmbH for my next school-based job action again. I am glad to have had this great experience and hope that many others will take the chance and apply to the company.