People and animals in need - Cybertrading supports TierAnker Magdeburg e.V.

“Because we are convinced that even people to whom fate is not kind need a support: their pet." - a conviction with which TierAnker Magdeburg e.V. supports people in need and their animals. Because who hasn't experienced it? In life, things often turn out differently than you think. TierAnker Magdeburg has also realised this and has dedicated itself to helping people who can no longer care for their animals the way they should. The reasons for this couldn't be more different: old-age poverty, illness, unemployment, etc., all have to be taken care of. - To ensure that pet owners are not forced to give up their beloved pets to an animal shelter, the association supports the owners with food and donations in kind.

For ten years now, the non-profit organisation has been standing up for people and their dogs or cats as well as small animals in Magdeburg and surrounding areas. The TierAnker Magdeburg e.V. provides food for more than 100 pets every 3 weeks. The association focuses on supporting old, sick, homeless and unemployed people. The food, veterinary treatment and material goods are financed exclusively through donations.

Since there is a place for both humans and animals in the colourful team of Cybertrading, Frank Niemann, Managing Director of Cybertrading GmbH, decided to provide TierAnker Magdeburg e.V. with €500 worth of wet dog food on 16 June 2023. During the planned food distribution, Cybertrading GmbH was thus able to present TierAnker e.V. with a total of 85 kilos in 436 cans of wet dog food. The waiting four-legged friends were especially happy about this.  The board of TierAnker - Christina Böker, Nicole Fritsch und Nancy Piontek were also present.

Volunteers and CEO of Cybertrading standing together with donation for the TierAnker e.V. Volunteers showing CEO of Cybertrading the storage room with all the food

Currently, 16 members and 14 volunteers work for the association in their free time. They take care of the distribution of food and donations in kind, such as blankets, transport boxes and baskets. The volunteers also accompany elderly people and their pets to veterinary specialists for treatment or deal with new requests. Almost every day, the volunteers work several hours in addition to their full-time jobs.

But how does it all work? Who gets help? 

If a pet owner needs support for his or her pet due to old-age poverty, illness or unemployment, for example, the person in need must first register with Tieranker Magdeburg e.V.

For this purpose, a personal interview takes place in which both sides can get to know each other. During the initial interview, TierAnker e.V. introduces itself and the support options in more detail. At the same time, the association checks whether the admission requirements are met.

If the person seeking help receives state support and the pet was purchased before the need for help arose, it can be taken in by TierAnker Magdeburg e.V..

The association then helps with the basic care of the pet. Every 3 weeks, pet owners receive the necessary food for their pet at food distribution points. But the TierAnker also offers various projects for special cases.

What projects does the TierAnker have for special cases? 

For older animals, TierAnker offers the ‘Graufellchen project’, in which senior animals receive regular health check-ups for prevention. This is the best way to prevent serious diseases in animals. In addition to senior pets, the association also takes care of emergency cases that have to eat special food due to allergies, intolerances or certain diseases. 

The association also takes into account people who have limited mobility. If the pet owners cannot appear at the food distribution every 3, they receive the food by home delivery.

You can find more projects at:

You would also like to support TierAnker Magdeburg e.V.? 

Then you are cordially invited to do so. 

The TierAnker and also the four-legged friends (dogs and cats) are happy about donations of food or goods. These can be dropped off in donation boxes at various locations in Magdeburg. You also have the opportunity to sponsor a chronically ill animal. You can also support the association by using the donation account below. 

Donation account TierAnker Magdeburg: 

Sparkasse Magdeburg 

DE97 8105 3272 0641 0197 77

Whether you donate money, food or a sponsorship - every help counts!

Dog at TierAnker e.V.