Muscle application with cybertrading logo - World Police and Fire Games

Cybertrading GmbH has dedicated itself more and more to sports in addition to its activities as a network hardware dealer. At least as far as watching and following is concerned.

1. FCM has always been up-to-date in the last days and will be in the near future, we as a sponsor now take a look into the bodybuilding area to see how Daniela and Dirk Fleischer are preparing for the "World Police and Fire Games", which will take place on June 26th, 2015 in the USA. They will present our new logo on their tracksuits. Dirk Fleischer, who is a police officer by profession, is considered a repeat offender, as he has already participated nine times in the competition, won seven medals and won the title three times. We keep our fingers crossed that the fourth gold will be won and are looking forward to the first pictures.

(Photo: Volksstimme 29.05.2015)