RFID: How to effectively cheat bank robbers

The fact that thieves are becoming more and more creative and surveillance systems more and more sophisticated is something we have often looked at more closely. One development for protection that sounds very promising is the attachment of an RFID module to banknotes.

This module automatically registers the banknotes during deposit and withdrawal. However, it is unknown to whom the money is paid out - both because of the anonymity and the fact that it would not be possible to trace the path of the money until the next deposit.

However, if notes are considered stolen, they can be rendered unusable and reported at the next use of one of the terminals provided for this purpose. Another advantage is the difficulty of counterfeiting money with an RFID chip, especially since it is hardly visible to the naked eye.

A successful measure? It will be a while before we can judge that, as the first discussions are currently taking place.