Samsung - Looking through is better than looking

The electronics manufacturer Samsung is normally known for televisions and smartphones. Now the Korean company also associates its displays with security. After all, overtaking trucks often involves great risks, especially on winding country roads. By placing the display on the side of the truck, this risk is to be minimized.

These four displays show the image in real time, which the camera captures at the front of the vehicle and transmits by radio. This not only makes it easier to plan overtaking manoeuvres, but also means that the ends of traffic jams can be seen much earlier - both in day and night mode. So far, so good.

Whether the prototype, which is currently being used on two-lane roads in Argentina, will be mass-produced in the future depends primarily on two criteria:

  • Do the drivers behind the truck also concentrate on their own driving or are they too distracted by the images?
  • And will the displays survive being permanently exposed to weather conditions and loading and unloading processes?

We will see it (in large format).