Saving in times of crises - how companies can optimise their expenditures in the energy crisis

Due to inflation the prices for electricity, food, energy and appliances are rising enormously. Companies can save money through simple measures. In addition to raising awareness among employees and optimizing the use of lighting and heating, costs can also be reduced in the long term through the purchase and use of reconditioned hardware. But how can refurbished IT save energy and help the environment at the same time?

Food, petrol, technology, energy – the prices are rising due to inflation. After covid-19 the demand for electricity, oil, gas, and petrol increased. In addition, the Ukraine conflict and the associated uncertain supply situation also led to a jump in costs. Not only consumers but also companies are affected by the energy crises and the associated additional costs. Especially more expensive material, raw material prices and energy as well as transport costs pose a great challenge to companies. Since no downward trend is expected in the foreseeable future, consumers and companies are forced to make savings. But how can companies reduce their costs without causing negative effects through excessive restrictions? Where are the greatest savings potentials?

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1. Optimize the energy consumption 

To reduce the costs in the energy crises the energy consumption should be optimized. Costs can be reduced through the parallel implementation of several simple measures. These measures include switching off appliances, optimizing lighting and checking heating and air conditioning systems.

Switching off appliances

Did you know that appliances also consume electricity in stand-by mode? Although this is small, in total it is possible to save costs. Especially over the weekend and after work, non-essential appliances should be switched off. It is also possible to use multiple socket strips with a timer. Advantages of multiple socket strips are that you do not have to check every appliance after work.

Optimize lighting

In addition to switching off appliances, a company can also reduce electricity costs by optimizing lighting. Good and enough light is necessary in every company. But in every office, in the lounge, in the changing rooms, in the warehouse or production halls, always and constantly? Expenditure can be reduced by installing motion detectors. In less frequented rooms or corridors, the sensors ensure that the lights are switched on when needed. Switching to energy-saving LED lighting also increases the energy efficiency of companies.

Heating and air conditioning

However, it is not only outdated light sources that contribute to high electricity consumption, but also air conditioning and heating systems. Especially with air conditioning systems, costs can be reduced by adjusting the settings. On the one hand, it is worthwhile to install a simple sunshade on the windows to reduce the heating of the rooms by direct sunlight. On the other hand, the rooms should only be cooled at higher temperatures. It is recommended to keep the cooling at a low level to protect against diseases. In addition, employees should always be able to switch the air conditioning on and off manually. You can also save money on heating costs just by setting the right temperature. Care should be taken to maintain the recommended room temperature of 20 to 22 degrees Celsius. However, 4-5 degrees Celsius less is sufficient for work rooms at night or on non-working days to prevent cooling.


2. Sensitization of employees

After the simple saving tips have been mentioned, the most important component must not be forgotten and that is the employee themselves. Without the help of colleagues all the proposed measures can not be implemented permanently. Employees should receive enough education from the company. Making employees aware and motivating them to comply with the measures can be done by preparing a checklist. Are the office lights and the air conditioning switched off? Are the devices still in stand-by mode or already switched off? Leaders act as role models in the ongoing process of rethinking. Further operating costs can also be reduced through the economical use of printer paper, technical literature, and the use of notepads. The staff must be regularly instructed about innovations and the sense of the changes. Especially since energy efficiency and the economical use of resources are of great importance not only for the company, but also for the environment and climate protection.


3. Reduce acquisition costs through refurbished hardware

In addition to short-term adjustments and the sensitization of employees, investments are often necessary to reduce costs in the company in the medium term. For example, energy guzzlers must be defined and replaced to ensure that the IT infrastructure in company is always modern and energy efficient. The only problem is the cost-intensive acquisition of new products, especially IT hardware. Therefore, more and more companies are turning to refurbished hardware. Refurbished hardware is usually much cheaper and just as efficient as new hardware. Energy also can be saved by purchasing and implementing refurbished hardware.

But why are refurbished products just as reliable as new ones?

Within IT-Remarketing, the refurbishment of used hardware takes place. During this, the detailed visual and physical inspection of the IT hardware is performed. Functionality is checked in tests and damaged components are then replaced. Before the hardware is returned to the market, another functional test is carried out to be able to exclude faults as fare as possible. Thanks to the precise testing and preparation, the network technology is not only of high quality, but also state-of-the-art. So then, the refurbished hardware can be offered fully functional. In addition, companies and private buyers at Cybertrading receive a guarantee of 3 years from the date of purchase for all new and refurbished items.

And why is refurbished hardware energy efficient and environmentally friendly?

Refurbished IT hardware also outperform classic technical equipment in ecological terms. The eco-balance of refurbished hardware is significantly better because no scrapping of the hardware is necessary. The amount of waste is kept as low as possible. In addition, already limited sources of aluminum, copper and so on, can be reused. Further mining of these raw materials is not necessary and therefore leads to savings in greenhouse gas emissions. It also shows that energy can be saved indirectly through sustainable IT remarketing. On the one hand, because no new item must be produced and on the other hand, because refurbished products, contrary to misconception, have the same energy consumption as new IT hardware.



There are quite a few ways for companies to save money. In addition to simple tricks that can be implemented in everyday work through the cooperation of colleagues, company expenses can also be reduced by buying used network technology. Refurbished products provide the same performance as new goods. At the same time, sustainable IT-Remarketing protects the environment and saves energy. You can find more reasons for refurbished network equipment here.


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