The 1.FCM achieves the championship title prematurely

We at Cybertrading GmbH are not only your reliable partner for the trade with network hardware, but also a convinced fan and sponsor of the 1st FC Magdeburg. Therefore we are happy and congratulate our players for the early championship after the away win at Hertha BSC Berlin II (4:1) and keep our fingers crossed for the games against Kickers Offenbach.  (Photo: Magdeburger Volksstimme 18.05.2015)

After the 1st FCM had a neck-and-neck race with FSV Zwickau for weeks, he came off prematurely as the winner on this matchday, thus securing his promotion to the 3rd regional league. Very surprising, which is also evident from the fact that not even the championship shirts were in the luggage.

Christian Beck, Tarek Chahed, Lars Fuchs, and Nicolas Hebisch played a special role in this important game, with the latter putting the ball into the wrong goal. Now the team has one and a half weeks to prepare for the meeting with Offenbach. We are optimistic!

Our most dangerous opponent, however, the hope of advancement was taken away at the same time, after Germania Halberstadt against Zwickau with a 3:1 ended the game.