Wearables were yesterday - today there is networked clothing

Thanks to Levi Strauss we learn that even clothes can be smart. The jeans manufacturer transforms conventional clothing into an input device for smartphones and other technology. Together with Google, the "Project Jacquard" is being launched so that these pieces will soon be available and usable for the masses.

Paul Dillinger, designer at Levi's, emphasizes that not only the technical aspect is a positive development, but also the social benefit. Thanks to the conductivity in the trouser fabric, the important message can be answered inconspicuously under the table at a romantic candlelight dinner, for example, without the person feeling insulted at the table because of inattention. Although it is questionable here whether so much multitasking ability can be applied to each gender.

As far as care is concerned, the jeans should be washable and wearable like any other. The production process is a greater challenge, as the very small chips must not be damaged during processing and must also survive being dyed.

This IT innovation could be tested for the first time at the developer conference in San Francisco. There were additional prospects, as this portable technology is also to be used in carpets and fabric-covered furniture in the future.