What does an IT technician do?

The profession of an IT technician plays an increasingly decisive role in the digital world of work. So what does an IT technician do? The magazine Mitbestimmung was wondering the same and came to visit our IT technician Nils and asked him a few questions about the topic “my workplace”.

Here a little insight:

Nils, as an IT technician at Cybertrading, refurbishes used networking hardware by checking the functionality and fixing visual defects. Devices like servers, hard drives and especially routers are mostly on his desk.

After the devices are refurbished and successfully tested, they are ready to be resold.

Not only the devices vary every time, but also the defects that need to be fixed are different. That is the main reason why it is so important to be up to date with the latest technological standards.

When Nils detects how extra intractable devices can be fixed, he writes a Wiki about it, so that his other colleagues know what to do if they are facing the same problem.

Would you like to know more about the profession of an IT technician? ON page 66 you can find a more detailed description:

(little disclaimer – the article is only in German available)