When fantasy takes shape - Expo 2015

Almost fifty years ago the desire for a garden arose - but not as usual behind the house with a Hollywood swing and flower beds, but under the surface of the sea. Beatles drummer Ringo Starr fantasized about this very garden with an octopus as guardian. The Ocean Reef Group is implementing the idea in the "Nemo's Garden" project off the coast of Noli as part of the World Expo 2015, which has the motto "Feeding the planet, energy for life".

Even the aforementioned octopuses and crabs play a role, but more in the protective than in the protective function.

The project is not only a fixed idea that serves the purpose of entertainment, but also has an ecological and economic background. Under the water there are several advantages that speak for themselves. Eight meters below the surface it is still warm and bright - the ideal conditions for plants such as lettuce, strawberries, beans or basil. And the necessary water is also provided. On the underside of the planting balloon is an opening through which the salt water can enter. The heat ensures that the water from the sea condenses and is thus returned as fresh water. Another positive feature is that the fruit and vegetables in the water are protected from pests and meteorological events, which have increased in recent years due to climate change.

To check the values in the balloons, they are equipped with sensors. For a detailed analysis of the data and further testing, the Ocean Reef Group is dependent on whether the project can be continued financially after the Expo. For this reason, a crowdfunding campaign has been set up on Kickstarter, which should lead to the desired success.

Perhaps one should take the opportunity to convince oneself of its relevance - for pasta and pesto, made from basil grown under water, off the Italian coast.