HP Enterprises network solutions for your business

The corona virus is already considered as one of the biggest drivers of digitization. For companies that want to successfully meet this challenge, it is essential be equipped with the right network technology. Probably the most important prerequisite for optimal work is a fast and reliable Internet connection for your own business equipment.

In the search for the right hardware, you will come across a variety of manufacturers and models. The undisputed leader in this field is Cisco Systems with a market share of about 50%. However, other providers also offer high-quality and low-priced network products. One of these manufacturers is Hewlett Packard Enterprises (short HP or HPE). Like other manufacturers, the company offers network solutions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. However, a decisive advantage over comparable hardware is that they support all functions without special license fees.

In the following, we would like to introduce some of these solutions from HP Enterprises to help you decide which network technology is the right one for your business.

Small companies

To ensure that all devices are optimally supplied with Internet, a network switch acts as a control center between the router and the connected end devices. The portfolio of HPE OfficeConnect includes network switches of the 1820, 1920S and 1930 series and was developed especially for small businesses using applications with high broadband requirements. For example, the use of cloud and streaming services, but also video conferencing and IP telephony are no problem. The devices are particularly characterized by their user-friendliness and easy installation. They are also cost-effective to purchase and help lower your total cost of ownership with advanced energy consumption reduction features. With PoE+ (Power over Ethernet), devices connected to the switch, such as access points or IP telephones, are supplied with power via an existing network cable connection, eliminating the need for wiring and power outlets. Thus, for example, even large warehouses or old buildings can be easily supplied with area-wide Internet. All series of HPE switches for small businesses enable cost-effective Gigabit Ethernet connections for higher Fast Ethernet performance. The HPE OfficeConnect products offer ideal entry-level switches and can be used immediately thanks to their plug-and-play functions. Most models can be purchased in 8-, 24- or 48-port versions and are very quiet thanks to their fanless design, making them ideal for office deployments.

   Products of the 1920s series

Medium-sized companies

As companies grow in size, so does the need for fast and reliable access to key business information. HPE offers, among others with the Aruba 2530 and 2540 switch series, business-class network solutions for medium-sized enterprises. The products can be set up within a very short time without special technical know-how and are easy to manage via an easy-to-use cloud-based management console. This enables even larger companies with only a few employees and without a lot of training to maintain their network optimally. The management console is supported by intuitive dashboards and advanced troubleshooting tools. The devices of the listed series are cost-effective, reliable and specially designed for digital workstations and mobile devices. State-of-the-art layer 2 systems, in which the source and destination addresses of all incoming data packets are read and then forwarded, offer the best possible protection for your company while still making efficient use of the available bandwidth. As with the devices for small businesses, the switches are available in 8-, 24- and 48-port versions and with optional PoE+. In addition, the switches can be easily expanded with additional devices as your business grows.

 Aruba 2530 Series products

Data centers

Modern data centers must operate reliably and keep pace with the state of the art in digital transformation. HPE offers state-of-the-art network solutions which meet the requirements of both today and tomorrow. The products in the HPE FlexFabric and Aruba CX-Switches portfolios offer you the latest enterprise-class hardware. While switches with a capacity of 10 GbE connections often reach their performance limits today, the HPE devices offer up to 100 GbE per connection. The fully programmable network operating system and cloud-centric design deliver automation and ease of management, including error-free installation. With Network Analytics Engine, you benefit from intelligent monitoring that detects anomalies in real-time and anticipates security and performance issues. All devices offer high levels of protection against failure with redundant power supplies and convergence times of a few milliseconds. The in-house modular operating system AOS-CX combined with Aruba VSX provides a simple but powerful solution for live upgrades without downtime.

   Products of the Aruba CX family

In addition to the models mentioned above, there are many other devices from well-known manufacturers. If you need help in choosing the right network switch for your company, please contact us now. All listed models can be found as new or refurbished products in our online store