Review of the year 2020

2020 is slowly coming to an end - a year marked by surprises, challenges, ups and downs. It is time to look back and review the past year.

We are up to it

The year 2020 was marked very early by the corona crisis. Even at the present time, future developments are rather uncertain. In order to be able to comply with the necessary social distancing and hygiene rules, we have also taken measures to protect our employees on the one hand and to be able to continue to process orders and enquiries on the other. Even if delays are sometimes unavoidable, the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority even in these times. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our colleagues who, between entertaining their children and doing their homework, kept track of things and, despite everything, did an outstanding job. We look forward to the coming year with great anticipation and hope for a little relaxation in all areas of professional and private life.

Cybertrading dresses up

Since March our interior finally shines in the cybertrading look. In addition to the newly designed escalator in the company design, our conference rooms have also been a real eye-catcher since then. Their doors were spiced up with our logo by the company Kroschke sign point Magdeburg GmbH.

Our company building has also changed a lot due to our relocation last year. Since May you can't miss us visually. Since then, our company logo is emblazoned on the façade of the office wing and our warehouse, also thanks to the company Kroschke sign point Magdeburg GmbH.

The company Pauer Objektbegrünung supported us with their "green thumb" and equipped the corridors and offices with plants. Special highlights include a beautiful moss world map and a cybertrading moss artwork, which give the executive office and the conference room a unique atmosphere. Retreats for our employees were created on the terraces. Comfortable furniture invites you to linger in the sunshine and take a lunch break in the fresh air. Should the weather not be favourable, two kitchens as well as our coffee bar offer enough space for a relaxed break with colleagues.

And we are not finished yet 😊 After this year's focus was on the design of the interior, the outdoor area will also be overhauled in 2021. Further retreats for our employees are planned. Among other things, a barbecue area will invite all colleagues to spend a few relaxing hours after work and to let the day come to an end.

Please smile!

An investment in the future was made in April. In cooperation with the company Fisher Softmedia and their 360° photo table, we set up a small photo studio where we have been creating our own product pictures ever since. In the future, these will be available to customers in our online shop and will offer a completely improved shopping experience. In addition to a visually appealing presentation, the 360° product pictures offer a detailed examination of our products from all sides.

Here I feel comfortable

In May, the employee survey Wertenetz© was carried out in cooperation with the state initiative Landesinitiative Fachkraft im Fokus. In several question complexes, the personal assessment of various criteria as well as the degree of implementation and the possibilities for implementation were asked in our company. On the basis of the results we were confirmed in many measures and efforts of the past years to have created a modern workplace for our employees. Since July we are proud to bear the state seal „Das mitarbeiterorientierte Unternehmen – Hier fühle ich mich wohl“. However, the survey also provided important insights and revealed further potential for improvement in order to further increase employee satisfaction in our company. Without long hesitation, the first measures were taken after the results were received.

The Cyber-Family is growing

However, the last few months have also been marked by further growth and we were able to welcome numerous new employees in all areas of the company. The first important prerequisite for this was already created the year before, with the completion of our first own company building.

A special day was August 15th, 2020, when we were able to welcome our first trainee as IT system electronics technician in the company's history. After we had already been approved as a state-approved training company by the IHK Magdeburg in 2019 and two further employees have now completed their training licence, the course for the future of Cybertrading GmbH will continue to be set.

Polaroids with highlights from 2020

Made by Cybertrading

In 2016, we received a large delivery of switches that needed to be tested for functionality as quickly as possible. In order to be able to resell used or new network technology, but in optimal quality, the devices must be thoroughly tested in advance. The until then common and very time-consuming test method prompted our technicians to find a solution to streamline the process.

After several prototypes and four years of development, our Cleverports were finally launched this year. The test plugs considerably reduce the time required for each device, which can be several minutes, and provide information on the functionality of the individual ports of a network switch within seconds. Further information about our Cleverports, their development and how they can be purchased can be found here.

Various stages of development of the Cleverport

What comes next?

In a few months' time, we will lift the curtain and be able to present another milestone that is special for us.  Are you curious? Then stay up to date! Subscribe to Facebook or Instagram, to stay up to date and never miss any important news.

Man with PC Internet site with a curtain covering the monitor and display

All in all we look back on an eventful year with many highlights. At this point we would like to say a big thank you to you for always accompanying us in 2020.