From trainee to career changer - many roads lead to Cybertrading

No matter if you are an intern, a working student, a career changer or a young professional - at Cybertrading you will find a wide variety of personalities! Our mission is to create an attractive working environment in which everyone finds their place at Cybertrading. Would you like to know how to become part of our cyber-family? Or if you even have a chance?

Perhaps one thing straight away: Since the company was founded, Cybertrading can look back on continuous growth. To be able to keep up with this, we are always on the lookout for colleagues with a colourful character. So our family is still growing - #bigfamily. 

We asked our colleagues how they became a part of our company so far. We heard so many different and interesting stories that we want to share with you. Starting as a working student up to an internal transfer after 2 years of employment - Cybertrading makes it possible!


1. In-house job change - from purchasing to human resource

In the beginning of 2022 our colleague Sandra switched from the purchasing department to our human resource department. 2 years ago she came as a career changer to us, because she has worked as a recruiter before. However, Sandra always wanted to work in this field again, as this is where her heart and passion lie. From the beginning, we communicated our interest in her recruiting knowledge with the aim of applying it at Cybertrading in the future. So when our human resources department was planned to be expanded, the in-house change of Sandra was set. Sandra says today:

“I am very happy that my skills and wishes are recognised here and that I am given the chance to develop professionally. In addition, Cybertrading enables me to study to become a health educator while working. In the long term, we want to use this knowledge for our company's health management."

woman at her desk in a staff interview


2. Internship - from trainee to a specialist in IT Support

In addition to the in-house change of departments, there are also other ways to find your right place with us. We regularly receive support from interns who offer their assistance for a certain period during their summer holidays or out of interest in our company. Our current colleague Julius also started with us as an intern and is now a permanent part of the technical team as an IT supporter. The trained tool mechanic was looking for new challenges and wanted to combine his interests with his profession. Since Julius deals a lot with technology in his free time, he applied for a 3 week internship at Cybertrading. He came to us through a friend and told us a bit about that time:

“During this period, I got to know all the important work processes and went through different stations in my work area. I spent one week each in goods receiving, warehousing and finally in technology. That’s when I noticed that the fun of working at Cybertrading was growing and I knew that I would like to stay here.”

man checks hardware


 3. Career changer - from construction to sales

But Julius was not the only one who found his way to us through the recommendation of friends. Also our colleague Sebastian was motivated by friends to apply at Cybertrading as a career changer. He graduated in structural engineering and worked in this professional field before Cybertrading. Today, Sebastian is a part of the sales team and head of his own team. When we asked if he always wanted to work in sales, he answered:

“To be honest, years ago I wouldn’t have thought I would be in sales. Before Cybertrading I worked around 10 years in calculation and construction management. But I always want to challenge and develop myself personally, so the change was a welcome opportunity - I really enjoy it here!”

man sitting at desk and talking on phone


4. Working student - from studies into the professional world

Also Lena wanted to take on new challenges and was looking for a new job as a working student. We like to take advantage of the benefits that this type of job brings. Students can gain their first experiences in the professional world and the employer has enough time to get to know the person. At the moment, Lena is still studying for her Master’s degree in business administration and management, but she is really interested in the field of marketing. Today, Lena mainly creates content - researches and writes texts to optimise the online presence of the company and the online shop. She tells us what makes working at Cybertrading so special:

“Although I am still new to the Cyber Family, it doesn’t feel like that at all. As a working student, I am happy that I get to take on important tasks here. That makes me really feel like being a part of the marketing team. I also love the fact that each day is different and it never gets boring. I can completely unfold my creativity here. Since I enjoy writing very much, I feel very well taken care of here.” 

woman holds a mobile phone in front of her face


These 4 stories of our colleagues are just examples of what we make possible for you. As a provider of opportunities, we want to offer a secure job to the most diverse personalities, regardless of their experience and education. Moreover, the first decision for a position in our company does not have to be the last one - an internal change and your own further development are also possible.


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