Cybertrading GmbH in review 2023 - milestones, innovations & successes

Being successful requires three things: clear goals, an intense desire to achieve them, and strong relationships. Whether relationships with employees, customers or business partners – they all help Cybertrading to continue writing its success story in 2023. Therefore, we would like to thank you for your continued support and cooperation. We are looking back on 12 months of significant progress, welcome surprises and successfully overcoming challenges and turbulence, which we would like to share with you once again.


Fun while building– second take


Completion of our second warehouse

In 2022, we have already started building our second warehouse. In May this year, the interior construction followed with the aims of being able to store in as little space as possible. This is where the intralogistics specialists from FSN Fördertechnik  stepped in. They used their cumulative competence to plan and implement the customized shelving system. A total of 29 tons of steel were installed, over 1.9 km of traverses and, in addition, over 1000 depth support frames provide more safety during storage and retrieval. But there is so much more. With focus on workplace ergonomics, the first Combi-WR pedestrian stackers were purchased, which can be operated from the rear and even from the side.

Since September, we can now look forward to the completed warehouse, which provides additional space for our IT experts. As part of this year's summer celebration, to which family and friends were invited for the very first time, the opening was celebrated with young and old together.

Shell construction of the second warehouse - Cybertrading  Combi-WR pedestrian stacker in the Cybertrading warehouse

Summer party company building Cybertrading 2023  Summer festival warehouse Cybertrading 2023


Expansion of parking spaces

Can´t find a parking space? This is no longer a problem, as we have been expanding our parking facilities alongside the hall construction since late 2022. Now we have whopping 92 parking spaces for all employees and visitors. Our two warehouses and the office complex are now surrounded by suitable parking spaces for everyone.

Cybertrading GmbH location


We support each other – willingness to help


Donation in kind to Tieranker Magdeburg e.V.

We once again supported various aid projects this year. In May we donated canned dog food worth €500 to Tieranker e.V. The non-profit organization supports people with animals who depend on help from others. The pet owners receive pet food, financial support for visits to the vet and, for example, a dog bed in order to prevent their pet from being deported to an animal shelter. Has this project also warmed your heart? Discover more about it here.

Donation Tieranker e.V.  Donation Tieranker e.V.


Donation of money to SoziaBell Magdeburg e.V.

“We try to prepare our teenagers and young mothers as best as possible for an independent lifestyle. If this succeeds even a little bit, it fills us with real joy and pride. Every single employee can really make a difference.” Katrin Riedel, deputy manager of SoziaBell e.V.

We remain impressed by the broad and supportive work that SoziaBell e.V. has been doing for young people in need for 32 years, which is why we would like to support the association with a donation for a second time. In 2021, Cybertrading equipped the sports room of the girls' dormitory with a pool table and a floorball set. This year, the renovation of the mother-child area (MUKI) was the focus of the association's work. On the occasion, we surprised the association and those affected with a financial contribution of 5,000 euros to the new kitchen.

Donation SoziaBell e.V. 2023


Commitment from within the company

SoziaBell e.V. also aroused the interest within the Cybertrading team. As such, the college donated additional kitchen utensils, such as pots, pans, tableware and much more, which now fill the cupboards and drawers of the new kitchen in the mother and child area. Would you also like to do something good? Find out more here.  #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

Donation SoziaBell e.V. 2023 from the Cybertrading team


News from Office


Always informed via our in-house staff tweet

Our HR team thought about how to communicate the latest news about our team and the company to colleagues quickly and easily, yet at a glance. This is how the so-called Staff Tweet was launched back in February – an internal company newsletter with great attention to detail. Once a month, our employees receive a summary of the most essential news. Important decisions, facts about the company or even the secret recipes of our fairy godmother are revealed there.


Searching for 300 Easter eggs

“Team spirit is the only spirit that the Ghostbusters haven’t captured” – to keep it that way, every effort was once again made to strengthen team spirit in 2023. Whether a beach volleyball tournament in Plau am See, dragon boating, go-karting, a sushi cooking or bread baking course or would you prefer black light mini golf? Once again, there were no limits to the departments' creativity when it came to choosing team events.

Cybertrading simply stands for always trying out new and crazy things and so at Easter our HR department brought the Easter egg challenge to life for the first time ever. Everyone's fighting spirit was awakened and so all employees began searching for a total of 300 Easter eggs that had previously been hidden on our company premises and in our building complex. For half an hour, each department gave full throttle for its team and diligently collected the Easter eggs. The winning team received a big reward at the end.

Fun fact by the way – 6 eggs are still missing, maybe we’ll find them next year. 😉 

Easter egg hunt - two men with Easter basket  Easter egg hunt 2023 - woman with megaphone


We make films – the recruiting and image films are online

In our review of 2022, we mentioned the visit of the company, which accompanied us in our everyday work. This year, we held the final result in our hands and were able to publish both films - the image film and the recruiting film - in the first half of 2023. Missed the movie?

Click here👉

Film shoot - woman in front of the camera  Film shoot - man behind the camera


Wellbeing in the workplace


Thursday is Cyber Snack Day

Our February motto was "Immune Boost February" to fight the cold viruses. Colleagues were provided with vitamin-rich snacks and lots of smoothies to strengthen the immune system. Since the project was so well received, we decided change the name to rename Thursday Cyber Snack Day. Every week our fairy godmother surprises us with a new treat. Whether it's mini donuts, oatmeal cookies, mini wraps and a variety of smoothies - every Thursday since then we can enjoy her homemade treats!

Cyber Snack Day - Mini Donuts  Cyber Snack Day - juices


Company health management – we’re on board!

Have you ever asked yourself what makes you happy and satisfied at your workplace?

As a company, we believe that a healthy and happy team leads to a more productive and successful work environment. That's why we invest every month in the well-being of our colleagues. These include activities and programs designed to promote the physical, mental and emotional well-being of each individual.

In 2023, our attention was focused on the topic of "ergonomics at the workplace". Two in-house meetings took place in May, where we received comprehensive information about the topic from an expert. In addition to a customized adjustment of the workplace, we received further practical tips and suggestions to improve our workplace ergonomics.

In October, the first in-house fascia trial course followed. Under the guidance of a qualified trainer, we were given an insight into the basics of fascia work and learned how to keep our fasciae smooth for the future using various exercises and techniques.

Fascia trial course - men doing sports


2024 – we are ready

We have been working hard over the past year to redesign our online shop. In addition to a modern design, you can also look forward to new features.

Our current 96 employees are the heart and soul of our company. They bring their uniqueness, their skills and their passion and turn the path we have taken into a story that can be told. In order to continue making our vision a reality, we would like to expand the team further in 2024.

In addition to further staff growth, the optimization of our internal IT infrastructure is on the agenda. The groundwork for this has already been done with the construction of the new hall and its own spacious area for our IT experts.

We also strive to continue to minimize the ecological impact caused by the IT industry. This not only includes the continuation of our successful refurbishment concept, but also the integration of new approaches and technologies to place even more focus on our ecological footprint and to continue to make our contribute to protecting the climate.

What else? Well, be curious, because we are too! We are convinced that 2024 holds further milestones, innovations, successes, and growth waiting for us. We are continuing on our path as a pioneer in the sustainable IT sector and will keep you updated at all times.